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Getting Started

The First Step


The first step for those wanting to learn to dive is to attend a 'come and try' session on a Wednesday evening during our regular pool training slot. The session would be taken by one of our qualified and experienced instructors. He or she will first of all show you the basic scuba equipment and how to assemble it, then take you into the pool to show you how to breathe and move about under water. Please get in touch by email if you would like to arrange a session.

We would provide all the equipment - all you would need to bring is a swimming costume and a T-shirt or similar. At the pub afterwards, we would explain all you need to know about the club, the training and the equipment, and answer any questions you might have.

BSAC's current training classifications start at OCEAN DIVER and progress through SPORTS DIVER, DIVE LEADER, ADVANCED DIVER and finally FIRST CLASS DIVER. The BSAC qualifications have direct equivalents with those offered by other dive association and are recognised by other organisations abroad.

The club offers training up to Advanced Diver level.


The training is actually free, as we are all non-professional instructors (though we are all qualified!). However there are some costs attached. You would need to i) join BSAC, ii) join our club (£13.50 per month including BSAC membership) and iii) buy the training material. BSAC membership brings you 3rd party insurance and a monthly magazine; club subs provide your next year's BSAC membership plus contributions to our maintenance and hire costs (boats, training equipment, swimming pool etc). The training materials include a diving manual, course notes and folder and qualification record book. Of course on top of this is the cost of your dive equipment



When you decide to learn to dive the very first thing you need to buy is basic snorkel kit: Fins, Mask & Snorkel.

You may be able to borrow some from club members for a while, but it is important that these items fit well, and as all individuals are different, do try and buy your own as soon as possible. This is the only kit you will need to purchase for your initial training.

Of course if you decide diving is 'your thing' then you will probably want to buy your own equipment as soon as money permits. The club has a limited number of sets of basic dive kit that a new diver can use during training. They are functional but you will probably enjoy diving much more with your own kit!

Club Equipment


The club owns a dive boat, which is a rigid inflatable boat (RIB). The club also owns a complete set of electronic equipment & an oxygen set for the boat. Other boat equipment such as fuel tanks (with fuel in), battery, boat pump, anchor, "A" flag, flares, first aid kit and tool kit are always kept with the boat but do check all is present and correct before leaving the garage for the coast.

The club also has 6 sets of basic dive kit. The kit is intended for pool training use only, but due to the high cost of kit many new 'club divers' borrow this equipment for sea use for up to a year, whilst they decide if diving is the sport for them, or they become able to purchase their own equipment.


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Ever wondered what it would be like to try-diving?

We've made a video that you can view on our facebook page (@BathSubAquaClub) that shows you what to expect if you do a try-dive wth us in the pool.


Please get in touch via contact@bath-divers.co.uk!