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Isles of Scilly, 2010

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Isles of Scilly 2010

Twelve of us made the trip to Scilly again this year. I've also learnt that you cannot say 'Scillies' – it's a bit like not saying 'many cup of coffees'....should be Isles of Scilly, not Isle of Scillies!

The 12 included 2 walkers (Sue and Yvonne), 4 non-club members (Catherine, Roger, Shera & Neil) and 6 club members (Pete, Libby, Angus, Ed, Zuzanne, Ian). Five 'Scilly virgins' this year.

The diving was great, as usual. The weather forecast was a bit worrying, but the windy stuff seemed to skirt round to the North until Friday, when it got a little choppy. Unfortunately it was not calm enough to dive the Western Rocks, but the underwater viz was pretty good - 15+ metres at times.

  • 5 Sep; Dive 1 – Peter's Rock; Wonderful wall, covered in jewel anemones. Viz good, but no sun hence a bit dark for the photographers.
  • 5 Sep; Dive 2 – Sponge Hill; Bizarre....3 of the divers went in with their zips partly open ...kelp monkeys again! Nice site that we haven't visited before – white sea fans, and lots of sponges!
  • 6 Sep; Dive 1 – King Cadwallon; Fabulous dive – viz excellent.
  • 6 Sep; Dive 2; - Deep Ledge (or just off it). Viz excellent again....15m+. Lots of marine life, though not as tightly packed as Peter's Rock.
  • 7 Sep; Dive 1 – South Gilstone. Vertical wall with steps (so not vertical then?) starting at 18m and going down to 45m+. Lots of anemones, and viz excellent again.
  • 7 Sep; Dive 2 – Seal Dive. Everyone had almost continuous interaction with the seals, so a really good dive. Viz was a bit stirred up, so not ideal for the photographers, but excellent dive.
  • 8 Sep; Dive 1 – Cita accomodation section. We were a bit apprehensive when Tim suggested the Cita, but on his recommendation we dived the accomodation section. This has now got extensive marine growth on it – really pretty. Viz again 15m+.
  • 8 Sep; Dive 2 – Colossus stern. No swell or tide. There were more muskets than last year, uncovered in the last couple of weeks. However, someone else had been down there and 'rearranged' some of the artifacts. Fascinating historic wreck.
  • 9 Sep; Dive 1 – Plympton and Hathor. Ed and Angus swapped buddies so they could go deep. Really nice dive, as always. Viz 10m+.
  • 9 Sep; Dive 2 – Gugh Reef. Fabulous little pinnacle, just south of Gugh. Vertical walls covered with plumose anemones.
  • 10 Sep; Dive 1 – High Ridge (with the chains). Tim briefed us to look for a small cave with sunset corals inside, which we duly found. Very pretty.
  • 10 Sep; Dive 2 – Gap Point. Small wall, supposedly out of the current, but the exceptionally big spring tides gave us movement, particularly at the end of the dive. This must have been unusual, as the site is generally a bit silty. Another small cave with sunset corals.

As usual, we all ate ourselves stupid! Three meals in....chicken curry, chicken stir fry and shepherds pie, accompanied by apple and blackberry crumble. Our usual pattern for eating out changed, as the cafe was not doing a curry night that week, Tim did his best to put us off the Seven Stones pub, and Arthur's bistro had spawned a new venture – Adam's fish and chips. We were forced into the pub on Monday, as the hotel bistro was closed. Probably won't do that again – it was a bit variable! Adam's fish and chips were superb... really fresh pollack, and we tried Arthur's bistro for the first time. Really good. We also managed the ritual visit to Tresco, eating at the New Inn – again really excellent food.

And so...it was all over far too quickly. Just time for a bit of shopping and lunch at Juliette's on St Mary's before a reasonably calm return crossing. Can't wait for next year!


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